Write.mv Publishing Guideline

As a publishing platform, we are an amplifier for voices that write here, and take that role seriously. To ensure that everyone feels (and continues feeling) welcome to express themselves, we have a few guidelines on what is expected of everyone in our community to follow.

Don't use Write.mv for these:

Malicious speech.

To help us maintain a welcoming space full of diverse perspectives, don't encourage violence or hatred. Don't use Write.mv to bully people.


In the same vein, don't repeatedly post the same content. Don't use our platform for spamming people elsewhere on the web. Deceptive or link-only posts. To keep readers at ease, don't willingly mislead people, especially in order to get them to do something, like download malware or click your affiliate link.

Privacy violations.

So we can uphold our strong reputation, do not undermine anyone's privacy. Don't post personal details without someone's consent, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, or other sensitive information. Unlawful uses. To keep people safe and make sure our lives don't get so difficult we need to shut down, don't use Write.mv to conduct illegal behavior, like

Fraud or phishing.

Exploits and resource abuse. So everyone can continue enjoying our platform, don't attempt to exploit, disrupt, or otherwise abuse our system resources.

Violation of any of these guidelines will get you banned from the platform.